Crystal is one of the new survivors introduced in Yellowjackets season 2, and she’s quickly become Misty’s best friend. Naturally, given Misty’s history in both the past and present, this has made fans a little worried for Crystal. Nuha Jes Izman isn’t worried whatsoever. The cast member spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife about the deepening bond between Crystal and Misty.

Nuja Jez Isman
Samantha Hanratty and Nuja Jez Isman as Misty and Crystal. (Showtime)

“I think there’s just so much love between Misty and Crystal. I think with that relationship you really get to see two lonely girls find each other and fall in love and find deep connection in such a scary situation,” Nuha said. “I think it really does also humanize Misty as a character. She’s trying her best. She’s lonely. Now she has a friend, and it’s kind of new to the two of them. You kind of see them figure out this friendship together and take the next step with the friendship together, like I really have a best friend now.”

Crystal and Misty first connected in the Yellowjackets season 2 premiere. Misty isn’t exactly the most popular person among the survivors, but Crystal reached out to Misty. “In that moment, I think there’s an acknowledgment,” Nuha pointed out. “I think Crystal recognizes something in Misty, that she’s just as lonely as Crystal is. It’s almost this moment where she looks at Misty and it’s like, yeah, you don’t have any friends. Me either. Do you want to be my friend? I think there’s this recognizing just how lonely we are, and we don’t have to be.”

The two girls have grown closer over the last 2 episodes, and Crystal applauded Misty’s epic Steel Magnolias monologue at Shauna’s baby shower. Nuha is well aware that fans are very worried about Crystal being so close to Misty. “I’ve seen on Twitter already where people are like, ‘Oh, Crystal’s so sweet. She’s gonna die though.’ Everyone’s like, ‘Get away. Run away,’” the actress admitted. It’s worth noting that we have not seen an adult version of Crystal in the present day yet.

Nuha met Samantha Hanratty, who plays Teen Misty, during her first day on set. “She took me right under her wing and really held my hand through it all,” Nuha told HollywoodLife. “As the weeks progressed, we realized we had a little too much in common. The casting directors on this show are phenomenal. I have no idea how they knew we were going to click instantly.”

Nuja Jez Isman
Nuja Jez Isman as Crystal. (Showtime)

She added, “Honestly, it mirrored our reality as Nuha and Samantha. We’d found each other. I think at a time in my life when I needed someone like Samantha it was the same way that Crystal found a time in her life when she really needed Misty. I think that helped a lot with the work as well.”

Our first introduction to Crystal was when Misty caught the musical theater enthusiast singing a show tune as she was coming out of the bathroom. “I was into musical theater when I was a kid, so it was quite easy to kind of pull from my own experiences of love for musical theater,” Nuha said. Here’s hoping we’ll get to hear more of Crystal’s singing soon. New episodes of Yellowjackets are available to stream on Fridays.


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