People are struggling to cope with stress and anxiety, and they’re using their bank account to manage their symptoms, a study has found.

The Bank of England’s focus bank is looking at how to best help people cope with their financial challenges.

Here’s what you need to know about the bank.

Focus Bank: How do I apply for a focus bank?

The focus bank works with the customer to identify and work on the key challenges they’re having with their finances.

It then develops a plan of action, such as financial literacy training or financial coaching, to help customers cope with financial issues and make progress.

The bank also works with its customers to work through financial problems themselves.

For example, one of the focus banks’ first projects was to help a woman with severe back pain deal with her depression and anxiety by training her to take care of herself when she needed to, and to help her to reduce her stress and increase her productivity.

How can I use the bank to cope?

You can apply to the bank for a bank focus bank.

People applying for the bank focus are asked to share their symptoms with the bank, and if you feel you are at risk of experiencing a financial crisis, they will look at your personal finances and the bank’s resources to help you cope.

To find out more about the focus bank and how it works, you can visit

You can also apply to be a focus manager.

You are eligible to become a focus coach if you have a financial issue that is “significantly impacting” your life, or if you are experiencing a severe financial problem.

The focus coach will work with you to help solve the problem.

How to apply to become the bank focusser?

If you are applying for a Bank Focus Bank, you’ll need to provide some personal details about your financial situation, such on your income, wealth and income.

You’ll also need to tell the bank how you’re coping with financial problems and how your bank is working to help people manage their financial issues.

The aim of the bank is to find ways to help the person who needs help with financial challenges to get a better deal.

The application process can take up to two weeks, depending on the complexity of your problem and how well you are managing your finances.

For further information, contact the Bank of Australia at 1300 974 866.

What is the focus on financial literacy?

The bank focuses on training people to identify financial issues they can address and help them to change their behaviour.

Focus on financial awareness and understanding are key to understanding how to manage financial issues, so they can cope more effectively.

Focus will be based on the Bank’s financial literacy framework, which is developed by a team of advisers.

The banking body is committed to improving financial literacy.

Learn more about how to help.

What are the other financial literacy skills that people can learn?

People can take a focus on their finances with a focus training, for example: a focus coaching on saving, saving for retirement, investing and saving for your children’s future

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