The 2018 midterm elections will give voters a chance to decide whether lawmakers in Congress will deliver on their promise to slash taxes on the wealthy and corporations.

The Tax Policy Center, a nonpartisan think tank, released a report Tuesday showing that states with the biggest tax cuts will get more than $600 billion in tax breaks and loopholes for businesses and the wealthy.

Those states, including Florida, Texas and Georgia, received $3.8 trillion in tax cuts in 2018.

The remaining states, led by Florida, will receive about $2.5 billion, the report said.

The biggest tax break for corporations was in Texas, where the state will get $1.9 billion in corporate tax breaks, according to the Tax Policy Institute.

The largest tax break was in Georgia, where it will receive $2 billion in federal corporate tax cuts.

The state also received $1 billion in state and local tax cuts and $1 million in other tax credits.

The biggest tax giveaway to individuals will be in Florida, which will receive an additional $1,300 for each taxpayer in the state with a $3,000 income tax credit, the Tax Center said.

Taxpayers in the South and Midwest will get only $500 and the Northeast will receive a measly $300.

The report also said that taxpayers in the five most populous states will receive tax breaks worth $7 billion.

They include California, which is projected to receive $8 billion, Georgia, which received $5.4 billion and Illinois, which was projected to get $3 billion.

Those states are home to a combined total of nearly 300 million people.

In the Senate, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said in a statement Tuesday that the Taxpayer Relief Act “is designed to provide relief to hard-working taxpayers by increasing their tax deductions and eliminating tax breaks for corporations, which are helping to create an underclass of the rich.”

Hatch added that the bill will help low- and moderate-income families “who are facing a severe financial burden.”

The tax bill also contains a measure to create a small business tax credit for small businesses.

The measure will also help families with a low income, which Hatch said could amount to more than half of the tax burden.

The tax bill is expected to pass the Senate later this month.

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