You can probably guess by now that the Nintendo Switch’s new focus on virtual reality and augmented reality is coming with a lot of hype.

The game and augmented-reality features are only a small portion of what’s new in Pokémon GO, a title which launched to rave reviews on launch day, and was also heralded as a big step forward in the Pokémon franchise.

Now, the company is announcing a new title that will be hitting store shelves this month, and it’s one that has more to offer than its predecessors, with an emphasis on Pokémon GO. 

The title will be a virtual reality experience that’s both interactive and competitive.

The title, which we’re calling Carta v, will be based on PokémonGO and will be playable from a variety of angles.

It will allow players to interact with real-world locations using the camera, and a variety from Pokéstops to Pokestops to Pokémon Gyms will be available to them.

It’s also possible to have Pokémon walk through the virtual world, though the focus will be on a few different PokéStops that are open to players at the moment.

The focus on this title will help differentiate it from the previous titles in the series, with Pokémon GO being a new experience that has been developed from the ground up and not just based on an existing franchise.

It has an interesting approach to its gameplay, with a focus on Pokémon battling and capturing other Pokémon.

The gameplay will not be based around the Pokémon GO feature, but instead be tied into the real-time Pokémon GO game.

The new title will also focus on an additional feature, which is Pokémon trading, which will be the focus of this title.

Players can purchase PokéStamps and Pokémon from their PokéStamp cards, and then have them used to buy Pokémon.

There’s also a new “Poké Stops” feature that will allow them to have their own PokéStopped locations, such as the Pokémon Center in The Pokémon Company HQ, which has a large number of Pokémon.

In addition, there will be new Pokémon-themed PokéStills that can be purchased from PokéStores.

The PokéStories are also the focus for this title, and they will be made available for use in the game as well.

There are also some new Pokémon that will come to the game, including Pikachu.

They’re very similar to the original Pokémon that was released for the Game Boy Advance, and are also Pokémon that can capture, evolve, and befriend other Pokémon in the same way that they would with other Pokémon, so they’re an exciting addition to the franchise.

There are also a few new Pokémon types that will debut in the new title, including Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu. These Pokémon will have their stats and abilities changed for the first time in the franchise, and will also have their Poké Balls upgraded with a new power that lets them attack their targets.

In addition to this, players will be able to use the Nintendo GamePad controllers to control Pokémon and interact with the environment in real-life environments.

This will also include the ability to play games like Pokémon GO in VR, and the Nintendo DSi/DSi XL will also come bundled with a free Pokémon GO VR headset.

The Pokémon GO experience will be optimized for the new Virtual Reality format, which allows for a high degree of immersion, and allows for more realistic, lifelike, and dynamic visuals in VR.

Development Is Supported By

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