Focus St, the first major independent film festival in the United States, opened in New York City this past weekend.

Focus St was announced as a tribute to David Fincher, the director who won the Academy Award for Best Picture for his 1998 film Focus on Yourself, and who has been hailed as a filmmaker with the highest level of artistic integrity.

The festival featured performances by many of the film’s stars including Daniel Day Lewis, Kate Winslet, and Emma Stone, along with music by the legendary composer Leonard Cohen.

As the festival began, many of those familiar faces were in attendance.

It was clear that the festival was celebrating Finchers work and dedication.

This year’s festival was an entirely different beast from previous years.

Focus is taking place at a time when many in the film industry are questioning the value of making films in order to live a fulfilling life.

Focus on the Future: The Future of the Film Industry, the new film festival from the film group, announced on the festival’s official website, that it would focus on the future of the cinema.

Focus was set to take place at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which is located just north of Brooklyn.

The new festival will include a full slate of movies and documentaries from across the globe, with a focus on emerging talent in the field of motion pictures.

It will also include a wide variety of films from the past, including the documentary How to Make a Movie.

“We are incredibly excited about the festival and the new films that we are putting on,” said Peter S. Sorenson, president of Focus St. “The focus of the festival is on how to make movies and it’s about the future, not the past.”

Focus St will run through February 22.

It is set to feature a lineup of films that includes A Man Named Sue, the documentary that revealed the life of David Fauci, and How to Be a Man, a documentary that was released in 2015.

Focus has been on a tear this year, releasing several movies in 2017 including The Martian, The Revenant, and Black Swan.

Focus st is expected to showcase the work of many talented filmmakers in the coming months.

Focus ST has a list of films including: The Martian: Director, Producer, Writer, Producer; The Revenger: Director; A Man Called Sue: Director and Producer; How to be a Man: Director.

FocusST is the third annual festival of the Festival of Ideas and was started by the Film Fund and the Film Foundation.

The Festival is part of the Sundance Institute, which launched in 1995 and is the largest independent film education conference.

Development Is Supported By

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