Fantasy Flight Games’ China in the Focus 4E adventure campaign has now opened, and it has players racing to get to their destinations as quickly as possible.

This time around, players will travel to China from the South China Sea, from the easternmost tip of Africa, and from the far northern tip of Europe, and they’ll also need to travel through the Arctic, the Caribbean, and the Arabian Peninsula.

The campaign features a new focus mechanic, and you’ll be able to choose between four types of focus: physical, spiritual, elemental, and mental.

Physical focus focuses on a character’s physical attributes, while spiritual focus focuses around a character being able to feel the spirit of the environment around them, and elemental focus focuses the character’s elemental abilities.

Mental focus focuses a character on their mental abilities, and physical focus focuses physical attributes.

In the campaign, you’ll also be able travel to the far westernmost tip on the South Pacific, which is where the game’s world begins.

These locations are called “elements,” and you will need to use these to travel to them and explore the locations of the world.

You’ll also have the option to travel between them at will, but there will be limits on the number of journeys per day.

You can read more about the focus mechanics here.

Players can start the campaign in China on July 15, and once they have reached the destination of their choice, they will be able begin a new adventure in a new location.

The game will feature a number of optional rules that will be available to you, including the option for players to choose to not explore the elements of their chosen world, which will require players to invest in special equipment.

For those interested in the rules, you can find them here.

The story of China in focus is told from the perspective of a single character, a Chinese immigrant who has to deal with a variety of challenges in order to get by in his new home.

This immigrant is named Li Zhiyong, and he and his family have been in China for more than two decades, living in a house with no electricity, water, or plumbing.

Li is not the first Chinese immigrant to be part of the new story, and players will meet new characters along the way.

In this campaign, players get to choose their own starting location, choosing to travel from the southern tip of South America, to the farthest tip of the Caribbean in the South American mainland, and finally to the furthest tip of India.

This campaign will also include a new set of events, including a journey to the Northern Mariana Islands, a journey from the Northern Cape to the southern coast of Africa and then a voyage from the Mariana Trench to the North Sea.

In China in a Focus 4.0 setting, players can choose to take on new jobs, including as a cook, a tailor, a seamstress, or even a maid, and get to work with their new skills and skillset.

You might even get to experience the challenges of the Chinese workforce and take on a career in a field like fishing or manufacturing.

Players will also be given a number (up to 20) of skills to choose from to enhance their abilities and abilities.

Some of these skills will be of great benefit, like the ability to speak Chinese, and some will be detrimental, like being able only to read Chinese.

This will make it a challenge to gain all the skills required to be a successful Chinese worker.

It’s not all about the skills.

Some people will use their skills to steal from their bosses and use them to help them achieve their goals.

This can lead to some serious consequences.

To put this in perspective, the majority of players in China in China 4e will not be taking on jobs like this.

Instead, they’ll be working in factories, factories that are in desperate need of workers.

They’ll be making shoes for the wealthy, or building houses for the poor.

This is not going to be easy, but this is part of what makes the game a good place to start for anyone interested in exploring China in some detail.

In fact, the campaign is the first in a series of four sets of settings for Chinese immigrants.

Players may also take on roles in the community that they might not normally have the opportunity to.

Players have to choose a job to play as, and this can be in the field, the fishing community, the trade, or the military.

If you’d like to know more about these jobs, you should definitely check out the official website of the game, which has a wealth of information.

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