By Brian Chaves | IGN Focus cars are one of the most iconic names in the automotive industry.

With its ubiquitous name, a solid body design and the ability to be modified, they’ve long been the standard choice of car enthusiasts.

However, they have recently been challenged by the increasingly popular hybrid vehicles that are gaining popularity.

In order to better address the evolving hybrid car market, automakers are now looking to focus on transmission, and the latest in that effort is Focus cars.

In Focus cars, the transmission is an integral part of the car’s design, and they are one that has been evolving since the dawn of the modern automobile.

The basic concept is a front-wheel drive system that utilizes four electric motors (the engine and transmission are powered by the same electric motor), which produce torque through the transmission to drive the front wheels.

The front wheels are also driven by a front axle, which drives a second axle to move the rear wheels.

Focus cars use a rear-wheel driving design that is also a direct result of Focus technology.

While Focus cars have proven their mettle in the past, they aren’t nearly as popular as the hybrid cars that have recently become popular.

In fact, Focus sales have declined in recent years, and that’s due in large part to a lack of buyers for Focus cars who are eager to go electric.

The latest news to hit Focus has been the shift towards hybrids, and for the most part, Focus cars can be found in all-electric, battery-powered vehicles, such as the Chevrolet Volt and Tesla Model 3.

But with the shift to electric, Focus customers are finding that it is a more convenient and convenient choice.

For those that want the convenience of a Focus car, but don’t necessarily need the speed, there are a few other options available.

The following article will explain how Focus cars work, as well as discuss how to focus them.

Focus Cars: A Hybrid Car with TransmissionFocus cars have existed in automotive for some time.

Since the first Focus was introduced in the 1960s, they were largely considered the “giant stepchild” in the industry.

Focus’s focus was on maximizing the efficiency of the cars, so they were designed to offer the quickest possible speeds in their classes.

As an evolution of the original Focus, the new Focus is the first vehicle to feature an electric motor, transmission and rear axle that are all connected through a common transmission shaft.

The transmission is mounted directly behind the driver, which makes it very easy to access the transmission in the event of an emergency.

Focus transmissions have been around for decades, but they have always been a small segment of the automotive market.

Today, the majority of Focus cars in the U.S. are equipped with two-speed transmissions, which are similar to the two-cylinder engines found in many of the hybrid and electric vehicles.

In addition to the power that the two electric motors produce, Focus transmissions are also equipped with a backup motor that will allow for safe highway travel, but it is not a replacement for the front-drive motors.

As an evolution, the Focus transmission is designed to be an electric vehicle with an in-line six-speed automatic transmission.

In essence, the shift from a front drive vehicle to an electric car will be as easy as a button press.

The only part of Focus that is actually an electric is the drive shaft, which is actually a piece of steel.

As such, Focus has made sure that its transmissions are engineered to be able to withstand the strain of a front or rear-drive system, while still being able to handle the extreme acceleration and torque of an all-wheel-drive car.

The shift between the two types of transmissions is pretty simple.

The transmission is equipped with an electronic differential, which allows the transmission shaft to move at the appropriate rate to allow for an optimum transfer between the front and rear driveshafts.

With the electronic differential in place, the front axle is driven to accelerate the front wheel and shift the rear axle to the rear, and then the rear wheel is driven back to the center of gravity.

It is a very efficient system.

In order to achieve a high transmission ratio, the power output of the transmission will be limited by the amount of torque that is being transferred to the front drive unit.

For example, the most common powerplant in the Focus lineup has a transmission rated at 705 horsepower.

When it comes to torque, the number is just under 200 lb-ft, so the front driveshaft should only be able provide 705 lb-force to the vehicle.

When the transmission ratio is set at the highest possible setting of 6, the total torque is transferred to a transmission that is rated at 1,250 lb-tq.

The maximum torque that can be achieved is only 860 lb-tw, so it is necessary to increase the transmission’s efficiency to achieve even greater levels of torque transfer.The front

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