Ford is updating the Focus sedan to include a feature called Active Autonomous Braking (ABS), which can detect when the driver is braking hard enough to alert the car to an impending collision.

Ford says the feature will be available in the next Focus sedan.

“This is an important milestone in our plan to deliver safety features for the 2019 Ford Focus,” Ford spokesperson John McManus told HuffPost.

Ford said the technology can be enabled in select 2019 Focus sedans with an optional adaptive cruise control feature.

“The Focus driver will get more precise steering inputs and less lag when braking, which means less time spent on the road,” Ford said.

The Ford spokesperson said the new ABS feature, which is available on the 2018 Focus sedan, will also be added to the 2019 Focus hatchback and Focus sport utility vehicle. “

Once the driver disengages the accelerator and starts the engine, the vehicle will start again without the driver having to engage the brake.”

The Ford spokesperson said the new ABS feature, which is available on the 2018 Focus sedan, will also be added to the 2019 Focus hatchback and Focus sport utility vehicle.

Ford also said it is adding adaptive cruise controls to the 2018 Ford Focus and 2019 Focus sport utilities.

Ford has been working on its adaptive cruise system for some time, and it’s the first time the automaker has been adding the feature to a sedan.

Ford’s new system will be more advanced than the existing system.

The Ford Focus’s new adaptive cruise feature will allow the driver to automatically turn on the engine when the vehicle detects an impending accident.

“It will also reduce the risk of hitting pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles,” the Ford spokesperson told HuffPost, noting the new system can be activated with a push of a button.

The 2018 Focus hatch will have the same feature.

Ford is also adding automatic emergency braking to the Focus hatch, which can be accessed via a smartphone app.

The feature is a safety feature that requires the driver’s phone to activate the feature.

A smartphone app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play.

It will also enable automatic emergency brake on the 2019 Fiesta and 2019 Crosstrek, Ford said, as well as on the 2020 Fiesta and Crosstreks.

Ford recently announced that it would introduce a new, improved version of its Focus hatch in 2019.

The 2019 Focus is expected to have a new grille, more powerful engine, new LED daytime running lights, and an LED fog lamp.

Ford will also introduce a smaller Focus hatch that’s designed to fit under the driver seat.

The company has said that the new Focus will be a more compact car, but it’s not clear yet how the new hatch will look.

Ford told HuffPost it plans to start shipping the new 2019 Focus in 2018.

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