By David Krasnick The World Series of Poker (WSP) has decided to focus on poker-related events for the foreseeable future, and the WSP, the World Series Championship Board, is keen to highlight its achievements.

The WSP has announced the announcement in an email to poker players:We want to share with you that we are launching the World Poker Tour, the world’s largest tour, with the goal of promoting the World’s Leading Professional Game, the WPS, to all Australians and New Zealanders through the WPLT.

This will be the largest poker tour in the world and the first WPS event to take place in Australia.

We will also be showcasing the WSL, the first ever World Series tournament to be hosted on a major sporting event field in Australia, to promote the WCL.

This will be a massive undertaking for the WSWC, and we are keen to share the progress of the WPP, which we believe will be one of the best and most popular poker tournaments in the game, and is already drawing more than 60,000 players.

The WSP is not the only organisation that is excited about the WSC.

The Australian Professional Poker Association (APPA), the Australian Professional Gaming Association (APPGA), the International Professional Poker Federation (IPPF), and the Australian National Poker Association have also committed to the WSPA and WPS in the coming months.

We are delighted to announce that we have announced that the WWS will be playing in the WESG, a new event that will be played in England and Wales from the 4th of May to the 6th of June.

The game is scheduled to be played on the final day of the WSOP World Championship, where it will feature a maximum of 32 players per team.

We also have confirmed that the first-ever WWS-Poker tournament will take place from July 2nd to July 11th in the USA, a game which will feature 32 players.

We also have announced a new WPLP event that we expect to feature a minimum of 32 competitors.

This is scheduled for the 7th of August and will be in Australia where we have confirmed the first event will be hosted by Australian Poker Professionals.

In short, poker is becoming a very big deal in Australia and we want to ensure that our fans get the best possible coverage of the world class game, the game that has been a huge draw for many Australians and Kiwis.

To read more about poker-focused events, check out the latest news.

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