The Pokemon Go game now has a new feature called ‘skin scaling’, where players can now take advantage of the game’s new ‘scaling power’.

The feature allows players to ‘hide’ the screen size and position of a Pokemon on a map so that they can use the game to navigate and catch the same Pokemon over and over again.

It is a neat trick that is used in other games, such as Minecraft.

A ‘skin’ can be a virtual object that sits on top of a player’s display, and allows the player to control the distance between the object and the screen in which it is on.

This ‘hidden’ distance can be adjusted so that the object can move towards the screen when the game is running smoothly, or towards the player when it is getting too close to the player.

The feature is a major change to how the game handles the virtual world.

In previous games, players would use the touch screen to control their Pokemon, which would then interact with the virtual environment in real time.

In Pokemon Go, the virtual game is now a real-time environment, so the player has to move their virtual Pokemon around the screen to interact with it.

The game now lets players control the Pokemon using the touchpad.

It is also possible to hide and resize the screen.

This can be done using the new settings option in the game.

This allows the game display to be altered by players, allowing them to hide the Pokemon’s current location, or hide it entirely.

The player can still use the camera and zoom to see the Pokemon as it moves.

There are also new camera settings, such that players can toggle between an ‘invisible’ and ‘visible’ mode.

The ‘invisibility’ mode lets the game render the background and background-effect in the middle of the screen, while the ‘visible mode’ lets the background be transparent to the user.

In addition to the camera settings and new skin scaling, players will be able to hide or resize the Pokemon by pressing and holding the ‘X’ button.

The game will also display a message telling the player if the Pokemon has changed in size, or if the player is trying to hide it.

Players will also be able ‘hide the game’ by holding the “X” button.

The game is also making some changes to how it shows players how far away a Pokemon is from a player.

When the player zooms in on a Pokemon, the game will now show the location of the Pokemon, along with the distance it is currently in the screen and the angle it is facing.

Players who want to take advantage the new features can switch on the ‘hidden Pokemon’ option, which is currently set to ‘visible’.

This option can be turned off by pressing the ‘V’ button in the main menu.

When the game loads up a map, players are able to select the ‘Hide Pokemon’ setting, and then the ‘Move Pokemon’ and the ‘Go’ options, which are all turned on by default.

There is no way to change the ‘inactive Pokemon’ settings, and players will still have to go into the main Pokemon Go menu and type in their Pokemon’s name and the location they are currently hiding.

There is also a new option in PokemonGo called ‘move speed’ that lets players increase or decrease the speed at which they are able for their Pokemon to move.

The speed can be set to 1-2x the speed of normal movement, or 4x normal speed.

You can also adjust the ‘focus’ option to ‘focus energy’.

This will allow players to focus on a specific Pokemon, allowing for more effective catches and more effective gameplay.

This is especially useful for those who want a lot of experience in catching Pokemon, or for those with limited resources.

You can choose whether to have the game show the player’s location when the player moves a Pokemon around or when the Pokemon is invisible, or you can turn off the ‘hide Pokemon’ mode and still have it show your current location.

If you have a smartphone, you can also take advantage by switching on the app’s ‘Navigate’ option in-game.

There is also an option for the ‘navigate’ menu, which will take you to the game, where you can choose between ‘Navigating’ or ‘Display Location’.

The new ‘in-game’ navigation menu is also used to search for Pokemon and items in the real world, which makes the game feel a lot more familiar.

The new Pokemon Go app is available now on Android and iOS devices.

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