A new survey of adults in the United States finds a surprising correlation between how often their children are disciplined by the adults in their lives and how often they report their own behavior.

A majority of the adults surveyed in the poll, by contrast, felt their children’s behavior was a big deal and wanted the people at the top of the chain to be the first to know about it.

The poll found that parents are most concerned about disciplining their children, but the adults themselves don’t care that much.

They feel it’s more important for their children to be punished for the wrong reasons, the survey found.

And the poll found just as many adults are angry at the parents of their children as they are at the people who actually do discipline them.

What’s more, many people said they feel like they are being punished for things they did not do, and some said they felt like they were being punished themselves.

The survey also found that people who are stressed and angry are also more likely to report their childrens behavior.

And parents are not happy about it either.

Many people said that their children have done things to make them feel bad about themselves, while others said their children were acting out in ways that they weren’t expecting.

In fact, parents are also far more likely than adults to be worried about their children growing up and that the behaviors they have witnessed growing up will be in the future.

One respondent said her daughter has been called names because of her hair, and the responses she received were so distressing she didn’t want to speak to her again.

In some cases, people even said that they felt their own childrens conduct could make them lose their jobs and homes if they did nothing to stop it.

And one person said that his childrens father was worried about his job, even though his wife and kids had not.

Parents also said that the way they treated their children could be a factor in why they didn’t discipline them well.

Some said they didn: They would not say what they were doing or say anything to them about it, and would feel like their child would be hurt.

They would cry, and it would feel so bad.

One mother said her 12-year-old daughter had to be disciplined for eating gum and that she felt guilty for not saying anything to her.

Another said her son was not allowed to be in school when she had to go to work, because he was in a gang and didn’t belong there.

A few people said their kids were punished more than others because they were teased or talked about, and because of their age.

One person said her child was called a name and told to go out in the yard and not come back.

And another said she was called names, and when she told her daughter she didn’ t like it, her daughter was told she should just stay home.

Another respondent said his son was disciplined because of his appearance.

Another mother said that her child had been disciplined for being “overly confident,” even though he wasn’t.

One of the parents said that when her son asked her to go fishing with him and she refused, she was told he should go outside and do something else.

Another parent said his child had a fight with his stepmother because she was taking away his toys and that his stepmom didn’t like it.

“If I want my kids to be happy, then they should be allowed to do whatever they want,” the mother said.

“I am the boss and if I want to discipline my children, then I am the parent.”

One respondent even said she feared her own children would be abused because of the way she treated them.

One parent said she felt like a “bad parent” because she took away their children toys and made them wear them, even when they were not asking.

And she said that she wanted her children to do better, because they are so important to her, but that it wasn’t worth punishing them because they weren’ t good enough.

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