Google is focused on improving the quality of its mobile search, with the company announcing on Monday that it has developed a new mobile app focusing on helping users navigate to search results, a focus that was first announced at the I/O developer conference.

The company is now focusing on improving that app in 2018, as it expects to see its overall mobile search performance improve.

The mobile app is designed to make it easier for users to find search results and to help them get to them quickly.

Google said the app was developed by its Mobile Platforms Group, which also includes Google Search and its mobile video division.

It is designed for the most common types of searches users make, such as word searches, word suggestions and word search filters.

Google’s mobile search app is currently available for iOS and Android devices.

The app is available for free in the Google Play store.

Google is also focusing on mobile video in 2018.

The Google Play Store is currently the most popular place for people to access Google’s video apps, according to a recent survey by NPD Group.

It reported that Google’s total video video downloads rose to 2.4 billion in the quarter ending March 31, up from 1.8 billion in Q1 2018.

In addition, Google reported that its video video app grew to 2 billion downloads in the second quarter.

The Android app is also on the rise.

In the second half of 2018, Android video downloads grew to nearly 1.3 billion.

Google will release a mobile video app for Android phones in 2018 after the company released a mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones in the first quarter of 2018.

Google plans to release more video video apps in 2018 than ever before, according, the company said.

It expects to release mobile video video for both iOS and Windows Phone in 2018 and the mobile app in 2019.

“Our focus on mobile search has been building an ecosystem that’s better than ever for our users,” said Google’s chief product officer, Brian Acton.

“Today’s announcement brings us closer to that goal and gives us more time to make that happen.”

Google’s new mobile search application is designed specifically for people with limited access to Google’s web services, including its YouTube and Google Play services.

Google says the mobile search experience is now better for people using a tablet or smartphone.

It says the new app is optimized for people who want a more personalized experience.

“Mobile search is not just for the people with smartphones,” Acton said.

“It’s the people who can’t use the web to search.”

Google is currently testing the new mobile video mobile app, which it says is ready for users with iPhones and Android phones.

The new mobile mobile search is a step in the right direction, Acton added.

“We think the mobile video experience has tremendous potential for users across all device types,” he said.

The iPhone and Google’s Android video app are designed to offer a similar experience to YouTube, but Google says its app is focused more on helping people get to search.

Google currently offers more than 70 mobile video apps.

In 2018, the mobile mobile video application was available for both the iPhone and the Android smartphones.

The latest Google video video mobile application, for iOS, is available on the App Store.

Google has also introduced the YouTube Mobile app on Android smartphones and tablets.

Google also plans to launch the YouTube Search mobile video search app in the next few months.

The YouTube Search app will let users search YouTube videos by subject and category, as well as search the site’s videos and videos from other video platforms.

Google recently released a video app to help users discover videos and other content, with YouTube Mobile apps also coming soon to Android smartphones, tablets and tablets running Google’s Chrome browser.

Google announced its plan to introduce mobile video and other video services on mobile devices in December 2018.

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