Bing has had a bad week.

The search giant has lost around 10% of its search market share in the last week and is now the second most searched site on the internet.

The news site Engadget analysed the most searched articles from the last month and came to the conclusion that the search engine is doing worse than it was in the past.

“I can see how Bing could be doing better in the future but that doesn’t mean the search market is going to continue to get worse,” writes Engadge.

“The market is still very fragmented, with a lot of sites competing for the same search traffic.

Bing still needs to figure out how to make its services work for more users than it’s already doing.”

The Bing search engine, meanwhile, has become the third most searched website in Canada after Yahoo and Google.

It’s a similar story in the US.

“Bing is doing a lot better than Google in terms of traffic, but Google is still the top dog,” says Engadgadget’s Dan Mascarenhas.

“It’s a tough road ahead for Bing and I would expect it to continue doing worse for the foreseeable future.”

What’s behind the trend?

The Bing news site analysed about 70,000 articles from August to September.

They found that the company has been losing market share at a rapid pace.

According to the research, the search giant lost around 20% of search market shares in the month of August.

“We’re seeing a slow, steady decline in search market competition from search engines and media companies.

It seems the only reason Bing is still doing better than it did in August is that it’s managed to survive in a competitive market,” says Mascareras.

The Bing team says it’s working hard to bring back the search ranking that it once had but it hasn’t been able to find the answer.

“Our search ranking remains highly competitive, but we are constantly working on ways to improve and make Bing more competitive,” the company said in a statement to Engadgets.

Bing recently added a feature to search that lets users compare two sites.

This means users can compare sites that they’ve visited from Bing, Yahoo or Google and compare results on a number of key terms, including the number of searches for the terms.

“If you visit both sites, the Bing search algorithm will be able to give you a better estimate of the popularity of the site,” says Bing’s Tom Smith.

“For example, if you visit Yahoo and find that the most popular searches are the top two, then you may be able take the site with the higher number of hits and see if it’s a good match.

That will allow you to determine which sites to try next.”

However, this feature isn’t yet ready for prime time.

The team says that it will bring back Google’s search engine soon and that Bing is already working on a new feature that will be more advanced than the current search engine.

“Right now, Bing is the search of choice for most people.

The Google search is only for those with an interest in Google products,” the search team wrote in a blog post.

“As Google’s core search algorithm continues to evolve, we will continue to roll out additional new search features as we build on the core search experience.”

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