We all know how difficult it can be to take all the stress out of your photo and make it into a beautiful page.

And even if you’re using React in your next project, we’ve all seen it.

It’s great for getting your users attention and converting them to your business.

But if you’ve ever wanted to take that focus away and build something beautiful that would stand out on your website, this article is for you.

We’re going to show you how to build a simple React website with CSS using HTML5 and CSS3 to make it look like a real website, with a simple and clean CSS file that you can import into any website.

This article assumes that you already know about React and HTML5.

But it is very useful to know this.

You don’t need to know about CSS to learn React.

React lets you build a website with any markup and code you can think of.

You can even get away with using React to build websites that don’t have the usual HTML structure of a standard HTML page.

This is why React is so useful.

You’re not going to need to learn HTML5 or CSS3 in this article.

You only need to understand CSS and HTML to get started with React.

We’ll use React to create a React website that looks like this: Hello World You can see that the main heading is just plain HTML.

The text area is just a text label.

The header is just the text that shows up on the screen.

The div element is just an element on the page that lets you put the text on your page.

The code that you see in the header is the code that goes on your front page.

You also see the div element with the title of the main page.

That’s where all the styling and content goes.

In the main HTML page, the tag is the HTML code for the main element of the page.

It tells React that we’re looking at a page with a body tag.

Hello world!

Joe Kennedy

The header of this page is an HTML5


It displays a bunch of text that tells us how many people are in this image.

This is an example of a


It says that you’re looking for Joe Kennedy, and that’s the title.

The text in the div is an image with a text tag that tells React to load the image from the web server and display it on the


The href attribute tells React the URL of the file that the image should be displayed on.

  • View Joe Kennys
  • The

    • indicates that we want to load images from the element.

      This tells React which image is displayed on the main tag.


    • indicates a

      that tells the main content area of the site to show the main article.

      That way, it’s easier to navigate and read.

      The content area is an element with a title tag that says something about what we’re going on here.

      This tells the <div style="background-color: blue;

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