The Ford Focus is a powerful car, but its battery is about to expire and its range is limited.

So, why not get one of the most affordable electric cars on the market?

The answer is Ford Focus Titanium, which is available in a range of colours.

Ford Focus Focus Titanium (Ford Focus)Ford Focus Titanium is a rare electric car that offers a range and range of different levels of performance, depending on how you want to drive it.

The Focus has a range between 300km and 1,500km, and it is available with electric motors.

In addition to its range, the Focus also offers the best battery life.

Ford has a number of electric vehicle options, but it is only the Ford Focus that offers the electric powertrain for electric cars.

Ford Fiesta (Ford Fiesta)The Ford Fiesta is a mid-sized hatchback and offers a number different levels and levels of battery life depending on what you want it to do.

For example, the Fiesta is equipped with electric powertrains, with the Ford Fiesta Focus electric vehicle having a range up to 500km.

Ford is currently offering the Fiesta with a range that ranges between 200km and 600km.

The Ford Fiesta has a battery that is rated for about 1,400km of range.

Focus electric car (Ford electric car)The Focus electric cars offer different levels depending on the car and its specifications.

Focus Focus electric (Ford)The Fiesta is one of Ford’s best selling cars, and one of its most popular models.

It is available as a hatchback, a sedan, and an SUV.

Focus Electric is a hybrid electric vehicle, which means that it can go from 0 to 100km/h in about two seconds.

It has a Range-to-charge rate of up to 300km.

Focus also has a new Focus electric hatchback which is a better option than the Focus Fusion, but there are other electric hatchbacks.

The Fusion is a great alternative for those looking for a more efficient, more fuel efficient, but still affordable car, although its range isn’t as great.

Focus Turbo (Ford hybrid electric car, Ford hybrid electric)Ford’s hybrid electric vehicles are the most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, with a combined fuel economy of over 36mpg, according to the US EPA.

Ford also offers its Focus Hybrid Electric with a Range of 500km and it has a maximum range of 700km.

Ford Focus Hybrid electric vehicle (Ford Fusion)The next-generation Focus electric vehicles have a range as high as 1,700km, but with a much smaller battery.

Focus Fusion has a fuel efficiency rating of 30mpg and a range from 500km to 1,600km.

In contrast, the Ford Fusion has an efficiency rating in the range of 30 to 50mpg.

The Focus Fusion also offers an all-electric mode for charging the battery, with an estimated range of 1,200km.

It comes with a battery capacity of 6kWh, and is rated at about 30mpG.

Focus electric vehicle with a Powertrain (Ford Hybrid electric car and Ford hybrid hybrid electric SUV) Ford is making a number changes to its hybrid electric cars, but none of them are the Focus.

Focus Hybrid has a Powertrains hybrid electric, which offers an electric range of up 1,000km.

There are currently four electric cars in the Focus lineup that are powered by a hybrid motor, but they all come with an internal combustion engine.

Fusion electric car: Focus Hybrid (Ford hybrids)The Fusion electric car is a plug-in hybrid electric electric car.

It also has an internal-combustion engine, which it is fitted with.

Focus is also offering a Focus Hybrid with an EPA rating of 24mpg in electric mode.

Ford Fusion electric vehicle: Focus (Ford EVs)The third and fourth electric cars that are being developed for the Focus electric SUV are the Ford EV and Ford Hybrid Electric.

The Hybrid Electric has a powertrain that combines electric motor and combustion engine, and the powertrain is rated to offer a range in excess of 1.6km, depending how much you drive it with the Focus Hybrid.

Ford says that the Focus EV is rated with a total power output of over 20kW, which should be sufficient for most drivers.

Hybrid electric car with electric motor (Ford EV and Focus Hybrid)The fourth electric car in the lineup, the Tesla Model 3, is a Tesla.

The Tesla Model S is a more expensive electric car which is powered by an internal turbocharged motor.

Tesla Model X has a higher range and a larger battery, but this is also the case with the Fusion Electric, which also has the same internal combustion engines.

Ford’s Fusion Hybrid is rated from 25 to 30mpgs.

Focus hybrid electric drive (Ford diesel electric car).

The Ford Focus Hybrid is a diesel electric vehicle that is fitted as a hybrid drivetrain. Ford said

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