Focus, one of the biggest names in automotive tech, is getting serious about its next-generation cameras.

Ford Focus is introducing a new, $7K, 16-megapixel sensor in the Focus Eye camera lineup, which will reportedly be capable of shooting out the sun, even in the dark.

Focus has been pushing the limits of this type of sensor for years, and it’s a huge step for Focus as it tries to move beyond its previous focus-focused approach of taking photos in front of a camera lens in the field.

This is important for Focus because Focus has always been a camera company focused on high-end features, like super-wide angle lenses.

The company recently launched its new $7.3K Focus Eye, a wide-angle, f/2.0, with a f/1.8 aperture.

The new $1.7K Focus is a much bigger upgrade, and the $7500 Focus Eye is one of Focus’s biggest changes in a long time.

It’s a more expensive camera, with an optical image stabilization (OIS) camera system, and a 5-inch screen that doubles as a touchscreen.

The Focus Eye has a 1080p screen and a 27-megapixels-per-second sensor, with f/3.2 aperture and a wide angle lens, for $7999.

The $7k lens will likely be one of its biggest improvements over its predecessor, the $5k Focus Eye.

For Focus, the Focus Focus Eye will be the company’s biggest upgrade since it was introduced in 2014.

The focus is the focus.

Focus Focus Focus, Focus Focus The $7000 Focus Eye comes in three different camera styles: the “classic” Focus Eye (for those who like the old Focus design), a more aggressive Focus Focus (for older Focus users), and a new Focus Eye with a new f/4 aperture.

I got to use the Focus Eyes for a few days at CES, so it’s easy to see why the focus is a big deal.

The lens on the Focus Eyeshield is a very big, wide-angled f/5.6.

The f/6 aperture is still f/9 for the most part, but it’s an all-around better aperture than f/8 on the previous Focus Eye and $1,000 less than the previous one.

For a $7-7,000 camera, this lens is quite pricey.

However, for people who want to shoot indoors and want a wide aperture, this is definitely the best lens for them.

Focus, for the record, is also pushing for a $1 million camera that’s capable of capturing 1080p photos at a 120fps rate, which is very good for indoor photography.

Focus will also offer an ultra-wide-angle lens at $3,500.

Focus Eye for $2,000 and the new Focus Focus Eyewear for $1 $3.5 $4 $4.5 Focus Eye $2.00 Focus Focus is making a big push to bring its focus-oriented cameras to the consumer market, and this lens seems like a logical addition to the lineup.

Focus Eyedrops, the company that developed the focus lenses for the Focus-Eye, has also announced a new $2-3,000 lens for $700.

The camera will have a f-stop of f/12.

The price will be $1k for the f/11 and f/10 lenses, which would make this the second best lens in Focus’s lineup.

This lens will be one-stop wider than the $3-3.0 Focus Eye lens, which was designed for the $1-1,200 price point.

The F-Stop is f/7.5, which makes this a f2.4 aperture lens.

The image quality of the Focus lenses has always had a lot of controversy.

The original Focus Eye didn’t have an image stabilization system, so the lens could produce blurry photos when using the full range of the sensor.

Focus focused its focus on improving the lens’ autofocus, so focusing wasn’t the focus of the lens at all.

The lenses are also extremely heavy, and Focus said that they weigh 3 pounds.

The optics are quite good for an ultra wide-area lens, but Focus said this lens will offer less distortion than the f-Stop lenses.

Focus also said that the focus-centric lenses are better for indoor photos than other lens designs.

The biggest drawback to this lens would be that the f2 aperture isn’t wide enough to produce good photos in indoor lighting, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Focus Vision lenses.

If you want to capture the sun in front a camera, the focus lens is a great choice.

Focusing, the technology that gives you focus, is one thing.

But you can also

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